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Live Rock & Live Sand



Ultra Premium Fiji Live Rock in 50 lb box lots
available varies

50+lbs  $2.45/lb, 100+lbs $2.35/lb, 150+lbs  $2.25/lb, 200+lbs 2.20/lb (Not available currently)
ships from Los Angeles

Fiji live rock

 Premium Fiji Totoka Live Rock  
in 44 lb box lots
available Now

1 box $3.20/lb, 2 boxes $3.10/lb, 3 boxes $3.00/lb, 4+boxes 2.95/lb (Not available currently)
ships from Los Angeles

Totoka live rock

totaka live rock

** Jakarta Live Rock

Boxes weigh approximately 50 lbs**
Arriving weekly

 1 box $5.35/lb, 2 boxes $5.25/lb, 3+ boxes $5.15/lb (Not available currently)
ships from Los Angeles
This is one of the  nicest rock available.  This rock is brought in on jets not on ships.  It is real live rock.  When it gets to you it is still live.  Most of the pieces are slightly smaller than a football and very porous and colorful.  Larger pieces available by special order.  The pictures are of larger pieces



** Alor Live Rock From Bali in 50 lb box lots**
Takes a while to get but it is worth the wait.  T
aking orders now

 1 box $5.35/lb, 2 boxes $5.25/lb, 3+ boxes $5.15/lb (Not available currently)
ships from Los Angeles

This is by far the nicest rock available.  This rock is brought in on jets not on ships.  It is real live rock.  When it gets to you it is still live.  Most of the pieces are slightly smaller than a football and very porous and colorful.  Larger pieces available by special order.

Alor live rock from Bali


 Blue Ridge Live Rock  
in 50 lb box lots

50+ lbs  $5.35/lb, 100+lbs $5.25/lb, 150+lbs  $5.15/lb (Not available currently)
ships from Los Angeles


 *Irian Jaya Live Rock in  60-77 lb box lots*
usually ships on Sunday for the following day arrival
must be ordered by Wednesday
very nice fresh rock

 1 box $5.35/lb, 2 boxes $5.25/lb, 3+ boxes $5.15/lb (Not available currently)
ships from Los Angeles


Vanuatu Live Rock in 50-60 lb box lots
1 box $5.35/lb, 2 boxes $5.25/lb, 3+ boxes $5.15/lb (Not available currently)
usually ships on Sunday or Wednesday for the following day arrival
rich in color and great shapes

Vanuatu live rock

Fiji Branch Rock 50-60 lb box lots

Currently not available
ships from Los Angeles

In Stock Now

Live Rock:   you pick $3.50/lb 2.99/lb we pick

base live rock 1base live rock

Rainbow Rock  (Hand selected pieces from indonesia) $10.99/lb, $11.99/lb Branch

rainbow liverock 3

Totoka:   $8.00/lb you pick $7.50/lb we pick

fully cured totoka live rock 1fully cured totoka live rock 2

must purchase at least 45 lbs to qualify for the 1 box rate 10 cents discount per lb
and 90+ lbs to qualify for the 2+ box rate 20 cents discount per lb

(Cured 2 months or more in our store)
ships from our store in Ohio
can be picked up at our store in Ohio
you can purchase fully cured rock in any poundage desired
you can mix types for volume discount


No box charges on any of our live rock!  Minimum order 1 box, must order in 1 box increments. Orders shipped via air cargo prepaid: charge card, wire, or money order
Air freight is C.O.D. 

Air freight typically runs $54.00 to $105.00 per 100lbs. Orders under 100lbs are charged at the 100lb price. Orders over 100lbs are charged on a per lb basis.  If your airport is serviced by USAIR a weekend rate of approximately 50 cents per lb is available for the Fiji or Totoka rock.

We make every effort to make sure you get the freshest rock possible.  When the rock clears customs in Los Angeles, we already have the air bills pre printed and immediately transfer it to the outgoing airline.  We do not store your rock in a warehouse.  Other places do.  No one has fresh rock coming in every day.  If they can ship whenever you want then you are getting rock that has been sitting around.

Fiji rock and any of the fully cured rocks can be shipped via common carrier to your door or via airport to airport shipping.  The other rocks are shipped airport to airport only.  You must pick them up at the airport. You pay the freight charges to the airline when you pick up the rock.   Airport to airport shipping is by far the best way to ship live rock.  It usually takes less than 24 hours from when it is shipped and sometimes much less.  Occasionally your cargo will get delayed and take longer.  If you absolutely must have your rock at a certain time then you can have it shipped CMR which typically runs 2 to 3 times  as much.  If this is the case please make it clear to the sales associate when you call that you want your freight sent CMR. You must be patient with us and the airlines.  

Damages or Shortages

If you have any problems with your order give us a call at 800 526 7258 and we will be glad to help you with them.

    If the rock boxes are damaged when you pick them up make sure you note it on the air bill and ask for a claim form.  Have  them put the bill that you signed back in with the others (like it was when you originally signed it) and note on it any damage noticed.  Also make sure that an airline employee verifies the damage and get their name and note it on your air bill.    You as the person paying the freight are responsible for any claims if one has to be made.  

    The boxes are weighed after they are packed at the country of origin.  The rock is packed wet.  It may loose some weight typically 1 to 2 lb and sometimes up to 4.5 lbs on larger boxes of rock in transit.   The people in LAX do not always weigh the boxes.  They usually use the scale in their tow motor and subtract an average value for the skid.  The skid weights vary tremendously so they can be off, usually in your favor as far as freight is concerned.  We charge you for the box weight as weighed in the country of origin, not the weight on the air bill.  If you think the box or boxes  weigh less than you were charged for, have it weighed AT THE CARGO COUNTER (not your bathroom scale) WHEN you pick it up and have an airline employee note the actual weight and sign and PRINT their name on the air bill. Give us a call at 800 526 7258 as soon as possible.


Dry Rock

Lace Rock 

50+ lbs we pick $2.28/lb
100+ lbs we pick $ 2.22/lb

you can buy any amount you want
pick up from our store
or we can ship to you



Nature's Ocean Cultured Live Sand  Bio-Activ Live Aragonite reef sand
Contains Live marine bacteria to quickly stabilize your tank
Immediately removes nitrogenous waste (ammonia, Nitrite and helps remove Nitrate)
Restores natural organic balance

Contains more than 10,000,000 Heterotrophic bacteria per lb
$26.00 a 20lb bag or $42.99 for 2-20lb bags.


"Internet prices are valid for Phone & e-mail orders only"

 Ordering Information
 To place an order give us a call at (800) 526 7258 or (440) 236 8330 between the hours of 12-8 Monday through Friday and 12-5 Saturday and Sunday.  

The box lots of live rock ship from Los Angeles, California (LAX).  The fully cured live rock ships from Cleveland Hopkins airport (CLE).   Minimum order for airport to airport is 1 box.
 We can ship dry goods with the fully cured live rock.

 Curing Live Rock
If you are purchasing pre-cured or uncured live rock you must make provisions for curing it yourself.  When you get the rock you should have at least a gallon of water per lb of rock to cure it in.  The more water the better.  Ideally the salt water has been aged for three or more days.  The filters and pumps should be running and working.  More filtration and more circulation is better than less.  We prefer a large skimmer for filtration.  Shoot for a flow rate of at least  3 and preferably much more times the tank volume per hour.  For curing live rock you do not have to use R.O. or D.I. water.  Most tap water should be fine.  The rocks will be releasing lots of nutrients into the water.  

    If you plan on using sand for your tank set up DO NOT put it in the system  you are curing the rock in.  Sand dissolves over time.  Sand also absorbs nutrients, so the sand will absorb a lot of the nutrients released from the rock as it cures and then release them back into the water as it dissolves.  Only add your sand after the rock is fully cured. 

    When you get the rock home you can give it a vigorous swirl in some salt water before adding it to your curing tank.  Stack it so it gets good circulation.  We keep the lights off for the first week or so so as to not encourage hair algae to grow.  Your skimmer will go crazy for the first few days so be prepared to empty it often.  In addition to skimming, we employee a phosphate sponge to absorb the released phosphates.  We do this to keep the rock from reabsorbing them.  As the rock slowly dissolves it can release any stored nutrients.  We change the phosphate sponge as necessary to keep the phosphates at zero.  We have a liquid phosphate remover that is very economical to use while curing your rock.  1 teaspoon removes .1ppm po4 from 20 gallons of water.   We recommending adding 1 tablespoon per day per box of rock that you have purchased.  It sells for $5.00/cup.  It is not fish safe so use it only while curing your rock.

    Once the initial ammonia spike is over, which is usually one to 2 weeks we start turning the lights on for 12 hours per day.  Algae will start to grow within 7 to 10 days so you must add some herbivores before then.  We typically throw a few astreas or trochus in and if they get up and move about we add at least 1 snail per 4 watts of light used for the tank.  The rock is considered fully cured when the ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate levels are all undetectable and the nitrates quit climbing.

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